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"By Night on My Bed"

"על משכבי בלילות"

Composing Year:



Solo Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) a-Cappella



Text from the Song of Songs 3:1-4


Reut Ventorero, mezzo-soprano (2023)


The work “By Night on My Bed” was originally written as an a-cappella piece for a solo voice, for the well-known alto singer Mira Zakai, who also commissioned the work. What attracted me most about this beautiful text is the sonic qualities embedded in it, mostly the fricative consonants (‘v’ sounds). I was amazed by the biblical poet’s ability to express the maiden’s excitement and longing to her beloved by prosodic-musical devices, on top of semantic ones.


Version for unison choir:

"Moran" Children's Choir | Conductor: Naomi Faran

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