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"Entrapped Bird"

"ציפור כלואה"

Composing Year:



Mezzo-Soprano, Violin, Oboe (or Clarinet) and Piano
or Mezzo-Soprano and Piano



Text by Yair Hurvitz


Mira Zakai - mezzo-soprano, Gabi Bokovsky - oboe, Hagai Shaham - violin, Menachem Wiesenberg - piano (1998)


This song cycle, written in 1998 for voice, violin, oboe (or clarinet) and piano, is based on three poems by the late Israeli poet Yair Hurwitz. I used only three of the 18 short poems, all relating to death, and taken from his last book, which he wrote on his death bed. The entrapped bird is a metaphor of his soul being imprisoned in his sick body, waiting, in a sense, to be freed. I’ve tried to portray this dark and very painful atmosphere in my music using a chromatic and expressive musical language.


Additional Performances:

Ayelet Amotz - mezzo-soprano, Jonathan Hadas - clarinet, Yuval Herz - violin, Amit Dolberg - piano (2007)

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