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"Mizmor Shir"

"מזמור שיר"

Composing Year:



Solo Harp



Anaelle Tourret - harp (2016)


The inspiration for my piece “Mizmor Shir” came from two different though complementary sources: First of all from the sound of my beloved first granddaughter name - "Shir" which means a song in Hebrew. The second source of inspiration comes from the holy book of Psalms, as many chapters of this book start with this expression –"Mizmor Shir" which literally means a Hymn song. In many of these chapters the harp is mentioned as one of the main instruments taking place in the performances of these ceremonial songs so I felt only natural to call my harp solo piece "Mizmor Shir".

The main rhythmic pattern of the piece comes from the way one expresses the name of the piece in Hebrew, and the character of the piece is basically lyrical and singing like even though there are some active and virtuoso sections too.

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