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"Three Water Girls"

"שלוש ילדות מים"

Composing Year:

1990 (1992)


Children's (or Women's) Choir a-Cappella
OR Women's (and/or Children's) Choir and Symphony Orchestra [3/a-fl,2/ehn,3,3 - 4,3,3,0, perc(1), hp, cel & str]



Text by Nurit Zarchi


Original a-Cappella version:

"Li-Ron" Children Choir | Conductor: Ronit Shapira (1990)


This work was commissioned by the Israel Council of Culture and Art for a workshop dedicated to songs written for children’s choirs, in 1990. The song, despite its name, is not a children song per se, but a reflection of childhood in the eyes of the older poet. The colorful and impressionistic atmosphere created by the poet, influenced the musical treatment, which follows the song, quite literally, moment by moment. The vocal writing, spacing, the use of melodic and harmonic motives, and even the musical meter, all derive from the prosodic associations of the text. The song is written in a free chromatic language and can be described as having expanded and ever-changing tonal gravities.

In 1992, at the commission of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, I added an orchestral accompaniment. The choral parts remained the same as in the original, a-cappella version, while the orchestral parts vary from doubling the vocal parts in places, to supplying newly composed accompaniment.


Version with orchestral accompaniment:

"Li-Ron" Children Choir and "Hemiola" Women Choir | The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra | Conductor: Asher Fisch (1992)

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