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Concerto for Violin

Composing Year:



Solo Violin and Chamber Orchestra [2/pic,2,2/b-cl,2 - 4,0,0,0, perc(1) & str]



Hagai Shaham - violin | Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon-LeZion | Conductor: Yaron Gottfired (2004)


The Violin Concerto was commissioned by the Israel Symphony-Rishon LeZion Orchestra for the Israeli Violinist Hagai Shaham, and dedicated to my late father Daniel who was a very gifted Violinist himself. My father who was self taught, played also other instruments, and felt at home in many different styles. For me he was the personification of the Klezmer – this real and natural musician who has only his two ears to rely on whose intuition, sensitivity and inborn talent which enable him to play wonderfully not only Jewish Folk music but every other style he chose, be it Classical Jazz or Popular Music.

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