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Double Concerto for Viola and Cello

in Memoriam Maestro David Shallon

Composing Year:



Solo Viola, Solo Cello and Chamber Orchestra [2/pic,2,2,2 - 2,2,0,0, perc(1) & str]



Tabea Zimmermann - viola, Hillel Zori - cello | Deutsche Bremen Kammerphilharmonie | Conductor: Steven Sloane (2008)


The Double Concerto for Viola and Cello commissioned by the Deutsche Bremen Kammerphilharmonie and The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra for the German Violist Tabea Zimmermann and the Israeli Cellist Hill Zori was written in Memoriam Maestro David Shallon . The work stresses the expressive and warm sound so typical of these two low string instruments- which have a strong affinity to the human voice. The concise piece is based on three melodies. The first two are based on a Gregorian chant and a Jewish prayer (taken from the beginning of Amida prayer) for the High Holidays- which are melodically quite close to each other in a fascinating way. The third melody is a secular Israeli "folk song" written in the forties in an attempt to create genuine folk music for the Jews coming back to their home land. The two religious melodies which are quite intense and rhetoric set the mood for most of the piece. This emotionally charged atmosphere is changed later into the more relaxing and pastoral mood of the Israeli song which takes the piece to its end. The music develops in an uninterrupted flow moving directly from the first movement to the second one by means of a joint cadenza written for the two soloists.


Additional performance:

Yuval Gotlibovich - viola, Hillel Zori - cello | Israel Chamber Orchestra | Conductor: Ariel Zuckerman (2016)

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