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Encounters IV: Suite Concertante

Composing Year:



Solo Violin or Flute (Classical) and Solo Violin (Klezmer), OR Solo Clarinet and Solo Viola
and Chamber Orchestra [2,2,2,2 - 2,0,0,0 & str] OR String Orchestra



Original version for 2 violins and chamber orchestra:

Itamar Zorman - classical violin, Sophie Solomon - Klezmer violin | Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva | Conductor: Doron Solomon (2007)


This is another one in a chain of pieces I've already written in the past which tries to bridge between different musical cultures. In this case it's the ethnic, folk-like Klezmer tradition alongside that of the concert hall with the virtuoso classical violin. The piece is written in one long movement, which flows from one emotional mood to another, trying to reflect different phases of our inner self. I've used quite a few magnificent Klezmer tunes and dances and added some original ones which I've invented. Each soloist is representing in a way his/her tradition of playing the violin, but as this is a real encounter and not a confrontation, they also influence each other respectively. I've let both my soloists emphasize their expressive and technical abilities in different phases of the piece. Writing such a piece for me was a way to connect to the deepest and even primordial layers of my memories as an infant and a child. It deeply reflects my innermost beliefs as a Jew and as a human being.

The composition was commissioned by the J.M.I. in London and supported by the Arts Council of England.

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