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Off White

after Metamorphosis II

Composing Year:



Solo Piano



Andreas Merk - dancer, Yula Gidron - directing and editing, Roman Rabinovich - piano


The choreography by Mimi Ratz-Wiesenberg, is based on the piano solo work "Metamorphosis II".

The video dance presents a non-place, which allows the spectator to situate the event according to his imagination. A human body moves alone in an infinite white space, seeking a foothold within it and out of it. A white screen hints at the moment before creation, and at the experience of deletion and sudden disappearance.

Choreography: Mimi Ratz-Wiesenberg

Music: Menachem Wiesenberg "Metamorphosis II"

Dancer: Andreas Merk

Piano: Roman Rabinovich

Editing and directing: Yula Gidron

Camera: Shark De Mayo

Costume: Rakefet Levy

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