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"A Birthday Prayer"

from "Keep the Light On" | "תחזיק לי את האור"

Composing Year:



2 singers, electric piano, double bass



Performers: Anna Weissman, Kineret Erez, Enosh Avraham-Nachum, Nirit Arieli | Chava Alberstein - recorded singing, Yasmin Gamliel - live singing, Omer Avital - double bass, Menachem Wiesenberg - recorded electric piano


An excerpt from the dance piece "Keep the Light On" by Mimi Ratz-Wiesenberg.

The song "A Birthday Prayer" (lyrics by Tirza Atar, music by Moshe Wielensky) is used here in a recording by Chava Alberstein, with an arrangement by Menachem Wiesenberg (who also accompanies her on the electric piano). On top of the recorded performance of the song, a double bass part and an additional vocal line are performed live with the dance.

Choreography: Mimi Ratz-Wiesenberg

Music: Moshe Wielensky

Text: Tirza Atar

Arrangement: Menachem Wiesenberg

Costume Design: Anna Weissman

Lighting Design: Dania Elraz

Singers : Chava Alberstein (recorded) Yasmin Gmamliel (live)

Electric Piano: Menachem Wiesenberg

Performers: Anna Weissman, Kineret Erez, , Enosh Avraham-Nachum, Omer Avital ,Nirit Arieli.

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