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Homage to Alexander (Sasha) Argov

מחווה לאלכסנדר (סשה) ארגוב

Composing Year:

1999 (2015/2017)


Symphony Orchestra [2/picc,2,2,2 - 4,3,3,1, timp, perc(2) & str] (1999)
OR String Orchestra and Piano (2015)
OR Clarinet Quintet (2017)



Original orchestral version:

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra | Conductor: Lahav Shani (2021)


This work is basically a suite of arrangements to five of Sasha Argov’s magnificent songs, which only partially represent his indescribable contribution to the cultural heritage of the Israel "Song Book". The songs I used in this work are, in order of appearance: “When Light Comes from Your Window” (כשאור דולק בחלונך), “All is Gold” (הכל זהב), “The Purple Dress” (השמלה הסגולה), “Elifelet” (אליפלט) and “To the Desert” (למדבר).

Personally, as a composer and arranger, it was a sheer delight to travel down memory lane to my childhood and the songs I grew up with, and which became an inseparable part from the musical world of my generation. On top of that, this work also “completes a circle” or “pays a debt” (only partially, for now) to Sasha Argov himself, whom I was fortunate to know in person. I loved and cherished not only the wonderful music he wrote, but also his warm and candor character.


Version for clarinet quintet:

Israeli Chamber Project: Tibi Cziger, clarinet; David McCarroll, violin; Yonah Zur, violin; Nitai Zori, viola; Michal Korman. cello (2017)

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